Regulation of the campsite

Below, the rules applied inside the camping, with the purpose of making the stay more pleasant for everyone:

  • Reservations: for administrative and organizational reasons we kindly ask you to respect the confirmed arrival and departure dates.
  • Pitches: the position of the booked pitch will be decided by the management upon check in. All guests will be asked to wear the camping ID bracelet for security reasons. It is not allowed to change pitches without prior consent of the management. Caravans and tents have to be placed according to the instructions given by the management, which reserves the right to refuse access to persons and / or vehicles that do not respond to the campsites’ requirements. The placement of the vehicles is allowed within the appropiate spaces as indicated by the management. The management can decide to ask you to move your vehicle in case the parking space is needed to place a tent or caravan.
  • Departure: the pitch has to be left before 10.00 on the day of departure. After 1200 an extra day will be charged.
  • Reception: the reception is open every day from 09.00 until 21.00. Payments can be settled in cash between 10.30 and 12.30. After these hours the cashdesk will be closed.

Arrival not later than 18.00.

  • Vehicles: cars have to be parked in the appropriate parking spaces. For security reason only one car per pitch can enter the campsite. From 01/08 until 31/08 all cars are to be parked in the parking lot inside the campsite.
  • Gate: the gate opens at 08.00 and closes at 23.00. Outside these hours the gate will only be opened in case of emergency. In case of necessity to use your car earlier please remind to park outside the gate and to use the pedestrian entrance next to the gate.
  • External guests: please register any guests you bring onto the campsite during your stay. We need to have updated information about all the persons that stay on the campsite at any time. So please register your guests upon arrival at the reception. External guests can only be admitted to the campsite with explicit consent of the management after payment of the appropriate fee. in case of a stay longer than 1 hour the guests’ ID has to be deposited at the reception and he or she has to accept these regulations. External guests can access the campsite between 09.00h and 21.00h after which they will have to leave the site.In case of overnight stay, after being registered and having paid the amount due, the guests have to leave the campsite before 12.00 the next day. In case of presence without prior authorisation, the management is entitled to oblige the guests and tha related campers to leave the campsite. Minors always have to be accompanied by an adult who can identify him / her self which will take responsability.
  • Waste: all waste has to be separated and diposed of in the appropriate bins. In case of doubt of which bin to use please contact the management.
  • Chemical toilet: do not empty chemical toilets in the normal toilets. The campsite has an appropriate chemical waste storage as foreseen in the Italian law 319 – 1976
  • Electricity: the management declines all responsability or compensation for damage caused in case of power shut down.
  • Surroundings: it is not allowed to collect stones in the woods surrounding the campsite or from the flowerbeds on the campsite and bring these to the pitches.
  • Fishing in the lake: a fishlicense is compulsory to be allowed to fish in the lake. Lacking the license will be fined with a € 200,00 euro fine per person.For further information please dontact the reception, we will assist you in obtaining the licence.
  • Damage: he or she who damages campsite property or property from other guests will be held personally responsible and will have to compensate for the damage caused.
  • Children: children under 11 have to be accompanied when visitng the various services, like toilets and bathrooms. The parents are responsible for the childrens’ behaviour which have to be controlled to avoid causing nuisance to the other guests.
  • Dogs: are to be kept on a leash, and in case of dangerous species also to wear a muzzle. The animals are to be walked outside of the campsite and the owner has to take care to bring appropriate bags to remove any faeces produced. The owner is responsable for any damage caused by the animal.
  • No credit card – Cash only

The management declines any responsability for accidents or damage caused to persons or objects.

Furthermore it is not allowed to:

  • litter
  • dig holes and / or trenches
  • light fires in other than the designated areas
  • damage the vegetation
  • disperse liquids, oils or fuels on the campsite
  • disperse water
  • erect constructions of any sort.
  • use the trees to hang objects of any kind on
  • do the washing up or the laundry elsewhere than in the designated basins
  • use the grill or barbecue for other purposes than intended, causing damage and / or bother
  • clean shoes in the washbasins or the showers
  • use washbasins and / or showers to clean tarps, plastic sheeting, pickets or other materials.


The use of this campsite automatically leads to accepting and adhering to these regulations which will be handed over upon check in and are to be transmitted also to your guests. The management reserves the right to remove anyone which does not respect these rules.

The management declines all responsabilty for the use of the sportsfacilities and for damage caused by lightning, inundation, whirlwinds, atmospheric disturbances, falling plants and trees ecc. The management can not be held responsible for and will not compensate for missing objects and / or thefts.

The management will act according to the Italian legal procedures in case of damage to the campsite property and / or vegetation caused by the campers or their guests.

These regulations can be altered by the management at any time without prior notice.